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SENsory Atelier funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation explores new ways to learn, discover and develop together. Attenborough Arts Centre are working with 9 SEN schools in Leicester and Leicestershire.

We will be drawing on the principles of  Reggio Emilia to explore ways to cultivate imagination and the children’s sense of the possible. It’s a collaborative journey, where children and adults are working alongside each other with a child-led approach and a co-construction model of delivery and development. Together we want to create our own teaching and learning pedagogy that is relevant to us all.

“Experiences of curious investigation, belly laughter, triumphant achievement, heartfelt tears, satisfying discovery and full bodied engagement with the smells, textures and messes of the world”

Ann Pelo, The Language of Art. 2007

SENsory Atelier gives space for children to lead their learning journeys, express themselves and access the world. It supports teachers without specialist arts subject / cultural education expertise, to enable children to lead the direction of enquiry, and reframe our understanding of how they learn. This collaborative approach shifts the schools’ reliance on external peripatetic staff, to giving teachers confidence and capacity to devise creative programmes informed by children themselves

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“SENsory Atelier treats us all as artists and researchers by making space for artists, young people in SEND settings, their teachers, families and the wider community to collaborate in creating opportunities for learning through Art”

Bob Christer, Programme Manager

“SENsory Atelier invites us to rethink and reframe learning together with children with complex needs and disabilities, locating them and their experiences at the heart of the process, opening up new creative pathways and communication methods”

Marianne Pape, Learning and outreach Manager

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SENsory Atelier is a Paul Hamlyn 4 year funded programme delivered by Attenborough Arts Centre with 9 partner schools in Leicester/Leicestershire