Next Artist in Residence Appointed

We are thrilled to announce the next Artist in Residence Sian Watson Taylor has been appointed to deliver residences across both schools.  Students from both schools came together to be part of the selection process and were unanimous in selecting Sian to be thier chosen Artist in Residence.

One student said:

“That was Awesome”

Sian says:

“For me this is the start of an exciting voyage, where the children and young people are in control of the ship, are the power behind the waves and are the winds that set the course. Using the arts in all its different forms, from visual to performance and movement to sound and storytelling we can explore how to celebrate the ideas, emotions and learning of the children and young people, to surprise and engage but also create some that can be shared; experiencing the wonder of all the languages of art and the unexpected destinations they can take us.

We are very excited to see the wonderful journeys that will set sail next term. We warmly invite all those interested to come see first hand what they  create  in The Sensory Journeys Exhibition in our gallery in January 2018


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