Art in schools

The residencies were programmed with varying structures, delivered by artists and companies who were co-selected by AAC, the schools and pupils, to work with teachers and pupils, devising new engagement strategies through a range of art forms and techniques.

These included:

Dance and physics of movement: The Amplitude: Gabi Reuter, in partnership with Dance4 – October 2016

Immersive theatre: Bamboozle Theatre company (specializes in theatre for children with PMLD) September 2015 – April 2016

Improvisation / movement / dance: Turned on its Head and Liz Clark. Exploring sensory learning and integrating vestibular input on auditory processing for children with SEND (Vestibular Input “coordinates movements of the eyes, head and body” which affects our body’s balance, muscle tone, visual-spatial perception, auditory-language perception and emotional security) – October 2016

Kinaesthetic and sensory learning through visual arts: Sian Watson Taylor – September -December 2017

There were also programmed one off theatre performances and workshops related to the AAC programme, in the school settings, ensuring they were presented as accessibly as possible and also tailored visits to Attenborough Arts Centre galleries and workshops




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