Moments of magic

Residency: Pasha Kincaid at Ash Field Academy By Pasha Kincaid A visual arts-based residency with Ash Field Academy led by Pasha Kincaid with assistance from Jasmine Kelly-Gobuiwang, for the Attenborough Arts SENSory Atelier programme. I am a multi-disciplinary artist and art educator/activist. Within my practice I explore identity through autoethnography. This informs my facilitative practiceContinue reading “Moments of magic”

Art and Chemistry

Residency: Rachel Scanlon at Nether Hall School By Rachel Scanlon Throughout April to June I completed my 18 day SENsory Atelier residency with Attenborough Arts Centre at Nether Hall school. Working alongside Chemistry student Asmaa Abdalla, we combined our practices to embed science in sensory exploration. As a visual artist in education I have workedContinue reading “Art and Chemistry”

The power of choice

Residency: Sian Watson-Taylor at The Beacon By Sian Watson-Taylor The Beacon is a CAMHS Inpatient Unit at Leicester Children’s Hospital School providing care for young people aged 12 – 18 years. Young people are admitted either in a state of crisis, or when their circumstances and presentation becomes complex and an assessment is needed. IContinue reading “The power of choice”

Residency: InfuseDANCE at Ellesmere

By Esther Anderson – Co Artistic Director infuseDANCE Freedom to explore, freedom to express to yourself, freedom to respond to new things in a carefree and genuine way are human experiences that we hope will be readily accessible in our children’s lives and educational settings. But these opportunities are sadly becoming less and less frequentContinue reading “Residency: InfuseDANCE at Ellesmere”

Residency: Natalya Martin and Sian Watson Taylor at Ellesmere College

Across May and June 2021, Natalya Martin, supported by Sian Watson Taylor delivered an 18 day residency at Ellesmere College. Sessions were to be delivered partly as live video call sessions, with additional pre-recorded and pre-planned provocations for teaching staff to explore with their students. Unfortunately, on the first day of delivery, 2 of 3Continue reading “Residency: Natalya Martin and Sian Watson Taylor at Ellesmere College”

Residency: Children’s Hospital School at The Beacon

Artist Sian Watson Taylor delivered a 5 day residency at The Beacon Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services unit as part of the Children’s Hospital School. Sian Watson Taylor was brought in as the school were keen to explore messy art practices, mostly with a visual arts basis. The unit has restrictions on some materialsContinue reading “Residency: Children’s Hospital School at The Beacon”

Residency: Sian Watson-Taylor at Ashmount School

Between April and May 2021, Sian Watson Taylor delivered an 18 day residency with 3 classes at Ashmount School. The residency was facilitated by Sian spending the majority of sessions onsite, yet delivering to the class via zoom. Class risk assessments meant that we could not guarantee youngpeople would socially distance form Sian. Sian deliveredContinue reading “Residency: Sian Watson-Taylor at Ashmount School”

Residency: Little Inventors in Space

With the support of match funding from UK Space Agency and Arts Council, this partnership residency with Inspirate and Little Inventors was split across 3 schools, Ashmount, Nether Hall and Ellesmere College.Originally planned as in person delivery, we switched to digital resources for teachers and school support staff to use to run the activity inContinue reading “Residency: Little Inventors in Space”