Sensory Journeys: A unique co-curated installation and exhibition of work created across arts residencies in Ashmount School and Ellesmere College.

“The work and atmosphere created – amazing. We are so pleased to be part of this work and when you see quality accounts of it like this, it makes it even better and supports the creation of a legacy for the future.”  Lisa Pitwood Headteacher

The Sensory Journeys exhibition at AAC acted as an arts development tool where the parents visited their child’s work and then returned and engaged with other related activities at the centre. The pupils work became a connection between their child and themselves which developed a connection and sense of pride and a catalyst to engage further with culture together.

We have worked more closely with our curatorial team to develop an understanding of the curation process of a children’s art project and as a result instigated an Exhibitions Access Policy for AAC to be developed over the next year.

Take a look through the slideshow to see the amazing work: 

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The stories behind the detail…


An important element of the exhibition was highlighting the traces left behind by the children and young people involved.

Whenever the children visited the AAC gallery they were all drawn to the large windows in the upstairs gallery which look down into the gallery downstairs. For the exhibition we captured the finger prints left behind using forensic powder.









The balls of tape in the below picture used during the workshops looked like abstract sculptures. The plastic sheets with drawing machine patterns on turned into a game on the windows as visitors could re-arrange them and play with the configuration.


This was a piece created by Ashmount school outside of the artist led workshops to showcase the project to others in the school. For the exhibition is was layered on top of work made by students at Ellesmere college to create one piece made by both schools.



Names of every participant including the artists, teachers and support staff ran along the floor and walls in the exhibition. When the young people visited the gallery they loved looking for their names and then showing their friends and family that their name was in the gallery.


News and publicity

It was great to have the exhibition featured in the local newspaper.


Feedback and comments from visitors

“Great colourful dens. Very feel good!”

“So lovely and full of colours put a big smile on the faces!”


” Made me smile” – Chloe aged 9

“LOVED IT” – Oli aged 8

“Incredible to see everyone’s work in the gallery come together so well! Wonderful exhibition so vibrant exciting and inclusive.”

“It is so cool, fun, amazing, wicked and fantastic. We have loved seeing our work exhibited! “

“Awesome. I am so making a felt pen robot”

“Fabulous! It has been an inspirational project for all involved. Engaging, creative and child centred. Thank you for giving our children/young people this amazing experience.”



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