To celebrate our Sensory Atelier Journey Ashmount created their first ever interactive Art Exhibition. We invited parents and carers to share in their success and watch them receive their Arts Awards.

Pupils from Ashmount share with their parents their journey to a new island they created in residencies with  Bamboozle Theatre Company.

Photo Credit Kallie Wheeler

Children from Ashmount School visit the Attenborough centre to explore the exhibition:

Night In the Museum: Ryan Gander curates the arts council collection.

They had the chance to explore the artwork and create their own collaborative piece in response.

Bamboozle Mini Residency at Ellesmere College

The children create a story and adventure together, anything is possible.

Bamboozle Residency at Ellesmere College

Map Making Session!

The children are creating a collaborative map of a Imaginative Island long, long ago, before technology existed….

Next week they meet the characters they created …

The next week they make a magical spell together


Ellesmere College’s trip to Attenborough Arts Centre.

A day of exploring Faiza Butt’s exhibition Paracosm and creating our own art work!

Ashmount School’s trip to the Attenborough Arts Centre.

Twelve children from Ashmount School came to the Attenborough Arts Centre for a tour of the Faiza Butt “Paracosm” exhibition in the gallery, followed by a recycled material workshop and a photography session.

Liz Clark from Turned On Its Head – 2 Week Residency at Ellesmere College

The Boy Who Bit Picasso – Workshop and Performances at Ashmount School

Professional theatre company Untied Artists visited Ashmount School for the whole day. The morning began with a performance for all of KS3, followed by a creative workshop in the afternoon and then an after school performance that was open to children and their parents to attend.


The Amplitude at Ashmount – using movement to learn about and experience sound waves.

Making music through movement at Ellesmere with dancer Gabi Reuter and her sound designer Mattef Kuhlmey.


Liz Clark’s residency at Ashmount School. Exploring the world through movement, dance, props and contact.

To find out more about this residency, click here to watch a video of the two weeks!

Sensory Garden Party at the Botanic Gardens