The Amplitude by Gabriele Reuter and Mattef Kuhmley

Gabi Reuter, a world class dancer and Mattef Kuhlmey, sound designer from Germany came to created a unique resonance with young people in both schools through the premier of The Amplitude. They specially adapted an installation and workshop experiences exploring altering the sensory experience of dance through sound.

It was a pioneering  experience for all involved, which allowed the young people to have their own journey through the sound they created.

It was such an amazing and unexpected journey. It was fascinating how strongly nearly all of the students responded positively to touch, and how clearly they were able to articulate their interests and curiosities in a non-verbal environment. The more I tuned into them leading the session, the more interesting it got and the more they were drawn into it as well.” Gabi Reuter 2016

Watch a short film here:

The Boy That Bit Picasso

Untied Artists brought this wonderful children’s book to life in an interactive theatre show and bespoke workshop for children at Ashmount School and their families in November. This unique performance introduces one of the 20th century’s most influential artists through the eyes of a young boy and uses storytelling, music and provided lots of chances for everyone to make their own art – examples can be seen on our gallery page! 


The Boy Who Bit Picasso at Ashmount School