Sian Watson Taylor

Sian Watson Taylor, Kinaesthetic and Sensory Visual Artist

“I have always believed that creativity has an amazing power to inspire and challenge and allow young people and children to have control over their own lives. For me that is the main part of working in an amazing project as this has been.

The fact that all the people who have taken part in the residency have been given that power through creativity and exploring the arts. That young people and children with SEND needs can take the same risks as others children; the idea of taking control of their own choices in their creative journey and to be able to challenge themselves equally as everyone else.

To have the opportunities to judge and learn about their own capabilities and extend them. To be able to explore all the emotions which come had in hand with challenging yourself through art making; the wonderful frisson of excitement that happens when you are exploring art and the unexpected moments that jump up and celebrate the experiences that are happening.

 One of the main themes for the residency came out of the sessions, was the idea of this importance of being able to push boundaries, to take risks and explore. This applied not only to the young people and children but also the teaching staff and myself!

The power of creativity, it is a wonderful and magical thing to see and take part in.”

Turned On its Head

Child-led improvisation as the cornerstone of practice to build engagement, storytelling and a tool kit for learning.  Sessions began with music as the auditory provocation followed by observation of the pupils reaction and interests. Liz Clark – the dance artist (and teaching staff) used empathetic improvisational practices to tune in to the pupils sounds or movements with the aim of interacting with the child’s brain in a way that does not raise their stress level, engages curiosity, develops self-esteem, supports language development and encourages creative learning. The practice uses the body as a physical provocation and uses the child’s own emerging body language to build up engagement, stories and understanding. The teacher, LSA’s and artist offer themselves as the resource and a shared language and tool kit emerges from the interests of the pupils.

Click here to see a video of Liz’s residency at Ashmount school

Bamboozle Theatre Company

Bamboozle Theatre Company delivered specialised Residencies using Multi-Sensory Environments, Music, Drama and Puppetry with key stage 3 and 4 in both schools. Through their innovative approach and unique methodology they demonstrated creative ways to engage and stimulate students.

Click here to see a short video sharing Bamboozle’s residency at Ellsemere College.