The artists


Turned On its Head

Child-led improvisation as the cornerstone of practice to build engagement, storytelling and a tool kit for learning.  Sessions will begin with music as the auditory provocation followed by observation of the pupils reaction and interests. Liz Clark – the dance artist (and teaching staff) will use empathetic improvisational practices to tune in to the pupils sounds or movements with the aim of interacting with the child’s brain in a way that does not raise their stress level, engages curiosity, develops self-esteem, supports language development and encourages creative learning. The practice uses the body as a physical provocation and uses the child’s own emerging body language to build up engagement, stories and understanding. The teacher, LSA’s and artist offer themselves as the resource and a shared language and tool kit emerges from the interests of the pupils.

Click here to see a video of Liz’s residency at Ashmount school

Bamboozle Theatre Company

Bamboozle Theatre Company will deliver specialised Residencies using Multi-Sensory Environments, Music, Drama and Puppetry with key stage 3 and 4 in both schools. Through their innovative approach and unique methodology they will demonstrate creative ways to engage and stimulate students.

Click here to see a short video sharing Bamboozle’s residency at Ellsemere College.