In preparation for the project lift-off this September lots of exciting things have been taking place at Ashmount School, Ellesmere College and Attenborough Arts Centre. We have been making sure that we are all ready and that we have laid solid foundations so theIMG_5780 project can flourish. Firstly, our Project Coordinator, Manya, visited both schools to meet with the staff involved in the project. She presented the aims and plans for the first year as well as answering any queries that the staff had about Unlocking the World with their students.

These sessions were invaluable as it gave the schools a chance to fit the project into their already hectic schedules and allocate key members of staff, sIMG_5751tudents and dates for the upcoming year! Accompanying Manya on these visits was Liz Clark, our dance artist from Turned On It’s Head who will be working with both schools next term. This enabled the staff to see video clips of her work and gave them a taster of her sensory approach to dance and creativity.

A few weeks later, it was the turn of the school staff to visit Attenborough Arts Centre to receive their Arts Award Training, and see the galleries and spaces that they will be bringing their students to in the future. This was again a thoroughly positive day that enabled the teachers form both schools to share ideas together and begin to plan creative input for their Arts Award next term in a different environment. IMG_5880

Both schools have registered with ArtsMark so that they can embed the project in a wider vision for developing creativity across the schools.

Sensory sleepThe term ended with an exciting visit from Liz to Ashmount to explore and plan with the staff and children she will be working with ahead of her residency. In character as a post lady she delivered ample quantities of sensory materials. This allowed Liz to watch how the children responded and gave her an invaluable insight into their interests and fascinations so that sheAshmount Feet can extend and build on these during her residency.

Now all that is remaining is for the students to return from their summer holidays to start on their journeys Unlocking the World through art!